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Specialized Tips And Tricks For Those Apple ipad tablet Customers

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Avoid using an iPhone charger to charge your iPad. This is because iPads have higher wattage requirements than iPhones. When you’re in a hurry, this will be a big deal. Instead, use the charging cables that came with your iPad. iPads can process PDF files. You can access PDFs on your iPad and even synchronize your iPad with your computer so you can transfer documents. This feature is especially useful if you own your own business, work on the go or use your iPad in class.

Every iPad needs a screen protector. Basically, screen protectors are clear plastic pieces cut to fit your screen. It protects the iPad from scratches, fingerprints and things like that. Your iPad will have a much longer life this way. You can easily take a screenshot with your iPad. You can do this by pressing the button that says sleep/wake after you have tapped the home button. You will see a screen flash and hear a click. It means that a photo has been taken. Your screenshots will automatically save in your iPad’s Photo Gallery. From here, you can view and share them.

Full stops can be added to documents you type on the iPad. Double tap the space bar when you finish a sentence. After double tapping, a period and space will be inserted. This full stop approach can save you time, and it is especially helpful if you are writing a long document, such as a book.

Be careful not to get water on your sturdy little iPad. Obviously, using it in the bathtub is off-limits, but you should also avoid using it in the rain or in extremely humid areas like a sauna. Moisture and humidity can easily damage the iPad.

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