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Look Wonderful With These Wonderful Style Ideas

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Get the most out of your clothes when you purchase them. Get used to hanging up any clothes that can be worn again so that you do not have to wash or dry clean them as often. Do not use the dryer if you want to increase the longevity of your clothing. Avoid any horizontal stripes if your weight is higher. This pattern tends to make you look wider. If you love stripes, try a vertical pattern instead. This elongates your frame, drawing the eye up and down. Make sure to include a variety of accessories in your wardrobe. Many decent outfits can be made fabulous with great accessories. From your purse to your hairband, a little detail can go a long way. Consider the complete ensemble when dressing to pick the right items to accessorize. Always build up your favorite body parts. Whether you have sexy shoulders or long, lean legs, flattering the parts of yourself that you love most will ensure that you look and feel confident. This ensures people look where you want them to. For example, use a pencil skirt to draw attention to your calves, or boat neck tops to bring your your neck.

Use the *0/20 rule with your wardrobe: 80% of your clothes should be classic styling and 20% should feel trendy and cutting edge. Having classic items provide a solid foundation from which to choose from no matter what season it is. To a basic black pair of pants, add a belt in the hottest new color. Wear a colorful scarf on your head or neck to wake up a tailored classic shirt. Don’t overlook the stylistic power of the right belt. If you happen to lose weight and your pants become loose, you will need to hold your pants up somehow. This works for all ages and sexes. You don’t need to read every fashion magazine in order to have a great sense of fashion. As you can see, there are many ways to look and feel fashionable. By using the techniques you’ve learned here, you can start building your wardrobe and becoming a real fashionista. When you need to have your cheekbones look higher, a nice bronzer on your lower cheekbones work best. This will make your cheek bones look much higher. Believe it or not, this effect will really make any outfit you’re wearing stand out. This is an easy tip that can do a lot. Control any attention on your body using solid colors. Wear bright colors on areas of the body that can stand the attention. By wearing dark pants and bright tops, you’ll attract more attention to your eyes, which encourages direct communication.

You need to avoid crew necks and boat necks if you have large breasts. Wear v-necks instead. When you don’t wear v-necks, you look plump, boxy and wide up top; a v-neck blouse will accentuate your body and help you look good. Try your own experiments and you’ll find you look better in a v-neck than in a regular t-shirt.


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