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Can anyone explain the different types of Japanese lotteries?

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  2. Id like to know the names of some different types of lotteries and what exactly they are? I cant find them on the internet anywhere other than the names! Thanks.

    Answer by ThreeDayPriest
    Works the same because inside additional lotteries, which being which lotteries are for gamblers bad at math.

  3. There are lots of free-to-enter online “lotteries” supported by ads. Are these legally considered lotteries? I thought it was only legal to start one if you were a government or charity. If it isnt legally a lottery, can the name of the website still include words like “lotto,” “lottery,” or other similar terms?

    Answer by Daze
    Lotterys need certain kind of govermnetal connection/sponsorship/tax-movement.

    Private industry utilizes raffles.

  4. If people understood the mathematics involving probability and lotteries, do you think they would continue to spend hundreds of dollars per year on lottery tickets? Explain your answer.

    Answer by redphx
    i dont think thus. when its cash youre speaking regarding, folks might do anything when there is a chance of gettin it!

    After all, nobody will win without taking the opportunity.


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Re: Can anyone explain the different types of Japanese lotteries?

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